Wills, Power of Attorney & Advanced Care Directive

We are dedicated to ensuring that clients are fully informed of the importance of succession planning and can provide a range of solutions in relation to the preparation of Wills.

We are highly experienced in the preparation of Powers of Attorney, which deal with financial decision-making, and Advance Care Directives, which deal with health and welfare issues, allowing individuals to make all necessary arrangements to ensure their affairs are in order.

We offer the service of a secure document safe, where Wills, Certificates of Title and other important documentation can be retained in safety, at no charge.

If you have been asked to be an executor of a Will or have been appointed as an executor, we can assist you to understand your responsibilities and advise on administering a Will.

Contact one of our Wills, Power of Attorney & Advanced Care Directives team today for assistance and advice tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Wills, Power of Attorney & Advanced Care Directive Team

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