Wills & Estates

Arranging your Last Will and Testament is a task we often leave for ‘tomorrow’. We can assist you in arranging your affairs so that your wishes can be carried out and those close to you can be provided for.

We take care to tailor services to your specific needs, whether they are simple documents in order to give you peace of mind, or more detailed arrangements to care for the particular needs of your family members and their financial or medical situations.

Superannuation may be a significant asset in the event of your death. However how it is distributed may be up to the Superfund if you do not have a binding nomination. There are also taxation consequences of up to 30% in some cases if you leave your super to an adult child rather than your spouse.

It is important to regularly review and update your Will and Power of Attorney, particularly in the event of a separation or change of circumstances.

We offer complimentary secure storage of your estate documents.

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