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Care Arrangements

We know that the welfare and wellbeing of children are our clients’ primary consideration in any relationship breakdown.

We have a no-nonsense approach to parenting matters that places the best interests of any children as the primary consideration. While all our advice will be based on the overriding legal principle of achieving any child’s best interest, we will work with you to provide advice and strategies that suit your individual needs and desires.

Our family law team includes practitioners who have experience in all types of parenting matters. We have represented our clients in complex parenting matters involving all manner of circumstances, including but not limited to relocation matters, matters involving allegations of family violence and abuse, matters involving vulnerable children and children with special needs, matters relating to complex family arrangements including multiple carers, same sex relationships and grandparent carers.

Financial Matters

Children’s financial care is generally dealt with under the administrative child support system, but can in some situations be the subject of litigation in the courts.

It is also possible for parties who are involved in children’s care to make legally binding agreements that deal with the financial arrangements for the children in their care; these are known as child support agreements. We are able to assist you in matters relating to both administrative child support issues, child support agreements and litigation regarding children's financial care.

If you have a specific query regarding your own family law children matter we encourage you to contact one of our family law team today to ensure you receive advice tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Contact one of our Children’s Matters team today for assistance and advice tailored to your needs and circumstances.

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