Property Settlements

We have experience in dealing with all manner financial property settlement matters; from the more common division of the family assets and liabilities to the complex decoupling of people connected to commercial and trust entities.

We are a boutique, all service law firm; you can be assured that we will provide tailored and holistic advice on your family law property settlement in consideration of the broader context of your personal circumstances. Our unique service delivery model means that your family law property settlement will be considered in the context of your life.

We know that for many people their property settlement is complicated and involves commercial and trust entities, as well as complicated consideration of financial and non-financial contributions. We act in simple to complex property settlement matters and litigation even involving situations with third party litigants including the Australian Taxation Office, Liquidators, Trustee in Bankruptcy and other interested parties.

No matter what your separation may entail you can be confident that Camatta Lempens has the legal knowledge and prowess to confidently and expediently assist you in your property settlement.

If you have a specific query regarding family law property settlement we encourage you contact one of our family law team today to ensure you receive advice tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Contact one of our Property Settlements team today for assistance and advice tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Property Settlements Team

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