Road Traffic Matters

We provide advice and assist in relation to all road traffic matters.

A driver’s licence can be essential for your livelihood. Be aware that the number of demerit points for an offence can be reduced but this can only be done before the expiation fine is paid. Speak to one of our lawyers today for advice on how demerit points may be reduced.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can lead to serious charges, especially if someone is injured. Such charges can lead to heavy fines and imprisonment. You may also be subject to claims of compensation which are not covered by insurance and may result in serious financial consequences such as losing your house. It is important to seek advice as soon as possible so you may be aware of how to best deal with and minimise the consequences.

Contact one of our Road Traffic Matters team today for assistance and advice tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Road Traffic Matters Team

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