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Domestic Partnership and Same Sex Relationship Issues

Domestic Partnership and Same Sex Relationship Issues

Camatta Lempens has a long history of working with Domestic Partnership and Same Sex relationship issues. The firm is involved with a number of organisations and lobby groups that campaign for and obtain law reform in this area.

We provide assistance with such complex issues as Certified Partnership agreements, Parenting Orders and directions regarding guardianship of children for non-biological parents.

We also provide advice regarding property entitlements at the breakdown of a relationship and legal representation for disputed property matters for same sex and domestic partners.

Certified Partnership Agreement:
An agreement between you and your partner about how your individual and joint property is to be divided, in the event of a relationship breakdown. These can be drafted during a relationship or after separation.

Parenting Orders:
Orders made by the Family Court in relation to the care and maintenance of a child. These can be used to grant legal parental responsibility to a non-biological parent.


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