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Transgender Children no longer require Court’s Consent for Hormone Therapy

On 30 November 2017 the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia ruled in the case of Re Kelvin that transgender children no longer require Court authorisation to receive stage 2 hormone treatment.

Before Kelvin’s case, Australia was the only country in the world where Court approval was required for hormone treatment.  This landmark decision allows transgender children and their families to access hormone treatment without long delays, and avoid the financial and emotional stress of going to Court.  Since 2013 transgender children were able to receive puberty blocking treatment (stage 1) without the consent of the Court, but if they wanted hormone treatment of testosterone or oestrogen (stage 2), they had to go to the Family Court to approve this further stage of treatment.  This was the case even if the child, their parents and their medical team agreed that it was in the child’s best interests to receive stage 2 treatment.